Monday, March 16, 2009

On Call Almost Over! Final Round Of Linux/Unix Cartoons

Hey there,

I'm hoping to be able to go back to sleep tomorrow, so I can wake up and write something either useful or entertaining. And, although this blog is about Linux and Unix, the work I get stuck doing 24 x 7 when I'm on primary pager is nothing special. Just imagine some really mundane and/or trivial task and multiply that by how many times you can do it in one week, minus those fits of micro-sleep and/or random stuporous activities driven by pure rote motor function. That's about how interesting anything I've done this week has been ;)

I did consider doing a "on-call-post" marathon at one point, although I determined that (even if the odd humor wasn't lost on lots of folks), doing a surrealistic week of the exact same post seven times in a row would be a waste of everyone's time and just ratchet up my email death-threat count (still, happily, sitting at zero ;)

Hope you enjoy these toons from Geek & Poke. Go and check the site out, too. They've been going strong since 2006. I'll be back tomorrow with some original material.


Click any cartoon below to be taken to GeekAndPoke

, Mike

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