Saturday, March 7, 2009

User Friendly Comic Strip: More Linux And Unix Humor

Hey There,

All right, it's Saturday again and time, once again, to wish you all a fantastic beggining-of-the-weekend and pray that your deity-of-choice smile down upon you or scowl up at you, depending upon what you believe. Maybe smile up at you, or scowl down upon you, look at you sideways from a random location, give you the stink-eye everywhere and nowhere or just continue to cease to exist. If you're having a bad day and don't like to be bullied into feeling better, feel free to remain miserable (which should be simple, since I've now rudely slapped down several "calls to action" - Have a nice day, God Damnit!!! - or it may, possibly, be more difficult, since now, in order to continue to be contrary, you'll need to be diametrically opposed to having a good day and having a bad day at the same time. No worries. There's always apathy and, quite frankly, at this point I've stopped giving a shit how your day is going ;)

Today, we're going back to the online comic-strip well, and checking out They've been around for a while, and the web comic is also available as an actual book (as opposed to the online ones that may your eyeballs pop and twitch - No subtle suggestion happening here...)

Below are a few decent strips from the recent past. Check out their official website to access the archives and get updates daily! Good stuff most of the time. They've been around since, at least, 1998, and still put out a daily Linux/Unix/Computing-related comic :)


, Mike

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