Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unix and Linux Workplace Sadomasochism: Possibly As Bad As It Sounds.

Hey there,

Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? Me neither, officially, but after a day like today, I can't get that old Feederz album out my head. Great tunes, if you're feeling punky and vengeful ;)

As I sit and reflect on my work-day (and the non-stop Unix and Linux weekend suck-a-thon coming up) I think (for only about the third or fourth time in my life) that just hiring someone to kick me in the nuts every 10 minutes or so (at random intervals, to keep it interesting ;) has actually surpassed showing up at work, and being figuratively kneed in the sac, on my list of top ten ways to spend my day.

While I ice my bruised ego and get mentally detached enough to VPN in to do even more work tonight (so I can be almost on-track by tomorrow morning) I thought I'd put up this great piece of work-related humor that's eerily similar to what I've been thinking all week. The site I got this from is called and is well worth checking out. I'm going to be hopping on this gentleman's mailing list, because I can't wait to read the book he's working on. As he states on his page, he's not looking to sucker you; just keep you informed. Kind of like we do here. No spam, just updates if you want them (In the right hand column; handled through Google - who have acquired FeedBurner - so we never know who you are or what your email address is).

Enjoy the following and find out if you've got the stuff it takes to make it in management! Also, check out There's a lot of great stuff on that site, including interactive pages like the "Wheel Of Policy" and the "CEOmatic 2000," just in case you ever find yourself at a loss for that important sounding, but ultimately meaningless, declaration that may or may not serve to "rally the troops" (bet the other way ;)


NOTE: Clicking on the link, at the bottom of the excerpt below, will take you to the website to take the quiz. Hopefully, you don't have it in you. And if you do, please quit wearing the steel-toed boots ;) ...the following has only been modified to show the pictures the hosting company won't allow us to create remote-links to and to make this legible on BlogSpot.

Why Work Sucks

This is a test to see if you're ready
— or even ever capable — of holding a position in management.
This highly accurate scientific, standardized test was developed
by some highly paid consultants who in turn consulted with a
number of focus group participants who in turn consulted with
an inner demon named Lester.

Before we get started
with the test, take a quick look at your writing utensil. If
that writing utensil is a number 2 pencil, put down the test
right now and give yourself an "F." Coming to class
prepared?! How could you be so incompetent! You're never going
to succeed that way!

If — even now
— the thought of finding something to write with hasn't
crossed your mind, give yourself a 1,000-point head start.

Are you ready now?
Click here to begin the management quiz.

© Copyright 2000 Why Work
. All Rights Reserved.

, Mike

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