Friday, March 6, 2009

More Unix And Linux Wallpapers. Why, Work? Whyyyyyyy?

Hey There,

This post (especially, stuck in the middle of this week) will serve as a reminder to all of us here that not writing stuff before-hand can make the lean times difficult. We're like a bunch of chipmunks with no winter stash ;) Freezing. Cold. Alone. Just waiting for death, which is inevitable since we're starving, it's freezing out and our stomach's won't let us sleep!

OK; it's not quite that dramatic, but it's still depressing. In any event, it's always good practice to do something fun when you've just come to the realization that you're not going to be doing anything useful or helpful, no matter how much you'd like to. The only other alternatives are out-sourcing our efforts (maybe, someday, if anybody wants to ?? ;) and scraping someone else's (which is just a big "no no" ;) Seriously, forget about the emoticon this sentence follows. We don't believe in lifting other people's material unless, like today, we're writing a piece that showcases their work (or collections) and gives them proper attribution. Some unwarranted link-love, if you will. People appreciate that. Probably a lot more than they appreciate link-juice, since that (like pot-luck) could contain just about anything ;)

We hope you enjoy these pictures and, if you really like them, feel free to check out our last Linux and Unix Wallpaper Post. No one claims to have any idea how Jessica Alba ended up second to the bottom desktop graphic on the page. It was completely out of context (except for the darling little penguin), but it probably saved someone's life (Now that's "looking at the bright side" ...without shades - after having abandoned all sense of reason ;)

The first four wallpapers are from and the last four are from The wallpapers that are larger than 800 x 600 were shrunk to fit the page and hyperlinked to. Windoze-Haters will probably like the last one the best :)


, Mike

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