Sunday, March 29, 2009

Star Wars Vs. Star Trek: Some Slightly Off-Topic Humor

Happy Sunday to everyone,

Hopefully you're still asleep while you're reading this (????) I guess, kind of like I am while I'm writing this ;)

This Sunday, I stumbled upon this goofy, but fun, video on YouTube. It's an HQ mish-mosh of Star Trek and Star Wars. Actually, pretty clever.

I, for the record, am a bigger fan of the original Star Trek, since I watched it as a kid. Then, as a 20-something (into a few questionably-legal past-times ;) I fell in love with it again, mostly because of the bad sets, and blatantly stereotypical characters. You had a womanizer, a grumpy old man, a soulless intellectual and a raging drunk, just to get you started. You can't make up T.V. like that ;) (????)

Enjoy. I'm going back to bed ;)

, Mike

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