Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Joke Server - The SPUD - Much Better Than The Other Gigantic One

Happy Saturday :)

I found another funny "hoax" on the web (Technically, I remembered that I'd found it a long time ago and then forgot to remember that I'd found it ;), even better than that Gigantic Old Server that I was silly enough to not research before I put the picture up here on this blog. In respect to the honesty of this online rag, I'm never going to retract that post and will leave it there, for however long Google lets me, to remind everyone that I'm a frickin' idiot some times (no further comments, please ;)

Enjoy The SPUD Server - They say it's vegetable powered, runs a perverted Linux kernel (keep it away from the kids ;), and that it's a hoax, but, even though a tuber is a type of vegetable, I'm still paranoid about being wrong. But not so much that I won't risk my reputation to get a post out here today ;)

Enjoy the pictures and check out the The main SPUD server site. There are links to a lot of other interesting projects there, as well :)


The Official Logo
The convoluted schematics
It's cute, too

, Mike

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