Sunday, September 30, 2007

Linux Shell Basics Articles Posted Locally

Hey There,

I think I'm about done with designing this blog. I'm at odds with how simple it looks and, at the same time, I think I like it because I want this site to be about the information and not about pretty pictures.

Today I took my first Linux article and am hosting it locally. Since I'm not sure how long remote hosts will keep my articles alive (especially since there's so much ground to cover in writing a series on Linux for the non-Linux user), I've included links to them here (Hosted on my own website):

Note: There are separate links for the version and the version. The reason for this is that clips you at 15,000 characters (including spaces) and ezinearticles doesn't. Therefore, the versions you can find on are slightly different (and shorter) than the ones.

Here are the links to my first Linux article. I will be announcing the release of the second article in this series within the next few days :)

Basic Linux for Ease of Use and Management of a Hosted Website - Getting Started! Version

Basic Linux for Ease of Use and Management of a Hosted Website - Getting Started! Version

Enjoy the reading if you like. I look forward to begin sharing Linux/Unix tip and tricks and getting some steam behing this thing :)

, Mike

Saturday, September 29, 2007

RSS Feed Re-worked

Just an FYI - I've found that it's pretty much way more time consuming to try and figure out how you're getting an RSS feed and real-time modifying it, so I wrote a little script to parse the results elsewhere first and then repost to the site.

The good news is the Website Hosting RSS Feed is now all, and only, Website Hosting Providers. No more "Top 10 Ways to Make Millions" ads - like I said, unfortunately, lots of folks post to feeds in the wrong categories on purpose and I don't want this site to promote get rich schemes.

I'm pretty much done working on the basic content/layout. Of course, I'd welcome any tips on a better title and a cleaner looking blog.

From now on, I'll be devoting my daily posts to responding to emails or comments regarding shell usage and scripting issues, etc. We'll be getting to what this blog is really all about. Ease of use, help and discussion related to Linux, Unix and shell programming

Take care :)

, Mike

Added RSS Feed For Web Hosting Services - Important Note About Content

Hey There,

Making another addition. This time in the form of a helpful RSS feed to keep you up to date on great web hosting providers and services out there.

Currently, it's in it's infancy. Just working now. You'll notice that certain folks have placed content in the feed that doesn't necessarily belong. This is bad practice, but, unfortunately, unavoidable since I'm subscribing to the straight feed.

Over the next few days, I'll be scripting around this RSS feed to weed out all the irrelevant content. This will make the list much shorter, but will also make it worth your while to glance over.

My apologies, if you happen to actually have seen this page in its first few days of existence, for the inappropriate content.

Rest assured. Everything that doesn't have to do with web hosting, Linux, Unix and the like will be weeded from the direct feed via wrap around java or perl script very shortly.

Thanks for dropping by. Hopefully, by the time you get here, I will have this little glitch all sorted out.

A man once said: Some things in life are free, but they come at a cost. This is the truth of adding an RSS feed straight out-of-the-box. Since this site is dedicated to ease of use for Linux, Unix and website management, I'll be fixing all that for free. The only cost will be my time, but, hey - I shouldn't be up at this hour anyway ;)

, Mike

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Basic Linux for Ease of Use and Management of a Hosted Website: Getting Started!

Hey There,

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Mike Tremell and I've been working in the trenches doing Linux and Unix administration for over a decade now.

Over time, I'll be building up this blog. It will be devoted to the novice user; the average person with a hosted website (or the wish to own/run one) and with an average to non-existent knowledge of Linux/Unix and working with Shell Accounts.

I've begun a series of articles to coincide with the startup of this blog that you can access freely on the web. These are both links to the first installment: Getting Started.

You can go directly to them through the links below. Hopefully, you will find it informative and, at least somewhat, helpful.

Getting Started on

Getting Started on

I welcome any suggestions, comments or questions you may have and, in addition to accepting email at my main email address, I'd encourage you to feel free to post your thoughts here.

I'll be checking back often to make improvements and respond to your posts.

Take care, and remember to keep it simpler - stick to the Shell :)

, Mike Tremell