Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Interesting Google Tricks

Hey there,

I got a little involved in making Visio diagrams today and lost track of time (In just under 8 hours I managed to produce a crude depiction of a full rack in a datacenter). And thank goodness I had the software to help me out. I never would have been able to legitimately waste that much time in a row on my own ;)

So today, I found this video on a site called FunnyHack. The video below is from there and doesn't contain anything below-board that I noticed... It's funny how the opposite of above-board just doesn't sound quite right. The same with the opposite of upper-handed ;)

Enjoy the video and check the site out. A lot of it is Windows-related, but there are quite a few entries over there that appeal to the general public (like how to hack an elevator :)


Google Tips And Tricks - These bloopers are hilarious

, Mike

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