Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cool Computer Tricks - Interesting Optical Illusions!

Hey There,

Here's a little something that should be fun for a Saturday: Computer generated optical illusions! Probably everyone who reads this page has had a run in with some sort of optical illusion in their life (on purpose, of course ;) I'm just crossing the middle years of my own existence and I still love these things. And, despite what most everyone has told me to date, even staring at the LCD screen, optical illusions haven't diminished my eyesight. Of course, I'd be hard pressed to stare too long at my old Apple IIc. In fact, just turning that thing on begins to melt my flesh. It's probably a highly dangerous piece of equipment ;) I'll be giving it away soon (to a fellow old-computer aficionado) and (for some masochistic reason) I'll probably really miss it...

I found all of the illusions (and one "neat picture") posted here today over at It's a great place to visit and has a huge variety of different illusions and other art and graphics that are just cool (as their site title suggests ;).

Below, I've posted pictures of the standard "spinning circles" illusion (although that's probably not the technical name for it), the Obama Illusion (which is eerily similar to the "Jesus" illusion - and the site has an animated version of it available), the disappearing confetti illusion" (which you should visit their site to check out, since they have three different versions of it which all work slightly differently) and a simple "cool picture" of a snowy grill that looks as though it's a human skull... who can explain why I choose the things I choose? ;)

Hope you enjoy these, and check out for some serious fun and equally serious eye-strain :)


What happened to Romper Room?

Obama Cures Cancer

Bye Bye

Grillin' Up Skull

, Mike

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