Monday, June 29, 2009

Humorous Linux Posters - Part One

A cheerful, bright and sun-shiney Monday to you,

In our ongoing tradition of scouring the web for funny stuff (to make up for actually having to work, which takes away from blog-writing time ;), here's another collection of humor pieces. Posters, actually. The sentence before last was an attempt to sound highbrow while writing about low art. Not that posters are bad, in principal, but... Well, you be the judge :)

BTW, if the Linux Command Reference poster seems out of place, you can rest assured that it is. There's no joke to find in there. The reason we chose it was because of how very little it seems to actually cover. Pity the sysadmin who tries to get by on that amount of advice. It's got some good stuff in there, but it's not a safety-net by any means. Think of it as equivalent to MS Word's "Grammar Checker" to a non-English-speaking American, writing his new resumé. He can get rid of all those red and green underlines, but, in the end, his job application will be completely unreadable and insane. At best, he'll have a shot at landing a job in a special-needs environment ;)

Enjoy the posters, all pictures are copywrite of their respective creators and, as always, Cheers,

Look, A Linux Poster!
Go Get 'Em
Birds In Black

, Mike

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