Friday, June 12, 2009

Yet Another Reason Why Old Computers Are Better

Hey There,

Here's hoping your weekend is starting off well (or will start off well as soon as you get out of the office ;) If you started your weekend last night, God bless you :)

Today I found an interesting blog called Feld Thoughts and a cool page regarding an unexpected return of some of his old computers. Amazingly enough, they all worked flawlessly. Neither one had Microsoft Office 2015 installed yet, but they were old, after all ;)

Checking out the pictures (from the site linked to above), it's kind of sad to think how well things used to be made (I'm not saying that everything that gets produced today is crap ;) and how poorly they seem to be now. "Planned obsolescence" was a phrase we learned in school from old codgers and curmudgeons who were obviously old and bitter and could find nothing better to do than complain. Now, the old coots seem like sages and I'm probably the same age they were back then. And, believe it or not, I feel more negatively about the state of consumer affairs than they probably did (at the time). It seems like today, about 15 minutes after you buy anything, there's a newer version out that you either "have to have" (peer pressure via television, magazines, media, etc - which doesn't work on me for some reason ;) or "have to have" (because the manufacturer stopped making parts before the production life-cycle completed - And, why exactly "do" we need "Windows 7" already, anyway? ;)

One day, I predict, you'll not have the time it takes to lift your ass out of your armchair to purchase whatever the people on TV are telling you you must have immediately, before trends change. I also predict that the word paradigm will no longer have any significant meaning since there will be no time to plot trends with out-of-date hardware/software and dinosaur methodologies (plus, it's a word... words sometimes come from books... books imply that reading - possibly thinking - is going on, and nothing good can come of that ;)

Anyway, enough of my bitching,

Enjoy the pic's below (from the site linked to above) and the remainder of your weekend :)


Old school


, Mike

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