Friday, June 26, 2009

Warm computer accessories: The perfect gift for Dad!

Hey There,

Hopefully, regular readers will pardon this week's insanity as I've spent most of my free time in a fruitless struggle with Mail2Blogger. I'm going to give up on that until I have lots of time on my hands (and no pent-up aggression left... I should be something like an empty vessel by the time I take it on again ;)

Also, as part of this rambling preamble, I'd like to apologize to the many people who's emails I have yet to reply to (or even get around to reading). As my children grow up, and work continues to come my way, I'm finding less and less time to write decent posts, read emails, maintain my sanity, etc ;) I'm thinking that, soon, I'll probably cut my posting down to 3 or 4 days (pre-set) of the week. Believe it or not, writing fluff to fill those days when I don't have time to crank out any good stuff actually takes more out of me in the long run and then, when it comes time to put up something decent, the end-product is much worse than I'd prefer. Hopefully, some of the stuff I've put up in the meantime has been helpful and/or given you a good laugh (both works, too ;)

With that said, here's another fluff-piece ;) I found all of the pictures (except for the first one) at The site is actually pretty interesting and has lots of useful information on combatting carpal tunnel syndrome. I must admit that it sounds like it's a very painful and annoying condition yet, strangely enough, I've never met anyone who suffers from it and (I've been typing since I was a kid) have yet to be cursed with it. I can't explain why I don't have it, since everything I use to get my work done is ergonomically-challenged (I'm typing this while bent over sideways from the side of the couch on my laptop that I can just barely reach on the ottoman a foot away ;) Perhaps it has to do with the way I always have my work-space set up. The picture below is a pretty accurate representation. It's just missing the keyboard :)

Yes, This is the Maxell commercial from way back when!

In any event, for those of you who don't already have sweaty clammy palms, check out the site above (pictures from it below). They have a computer accessory to warm virtually every computing appendage on your body (that you might reasonably be expected to use. If you end up with carpal tunnel from overindulgence in under-the-table behaviour, they can't help you there. Your best bet in that situation is to see your doctor and tell him you have Tennis Elbow ;)

With warm regards,

Click any of the pictures below and get ready for an edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride that will take you to places you never... okay, they'll just get slightly larger ;)

, Mike

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