Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Second Most Dangerous Game!

Hey there,

My spirits are rising (or, I'm feeling somewhat better ;), but I got so backed up with work that, apparently, missed me terribly while I was ill, that I had no time to write today.

On a positive note, though, I began a trial for reliable recovery of deleted data on Unix or Linux that doesn't require you to have a filehandle open in memory, like the trick we threw out in an older post on recovering deleted files by inode reference. It's looking good, but, since this method requires scouring every block of free space on the partition you goofed on, the actual implementation is taking too long for me to write it up for today/tomorrow. Hopefully it will be done in a few hours. And, also hopefully, it will be successful ;)

Anyway, back to the beaten path, today I found this interesting article (from 2006... I must live under a rock or something ;) about Real Life PacMan involving humans and living insects! They actually emphasise the "living" part in the article. I found that somewhat curious, since it can't possibly be all that hard to avoid dead insects. I would imagine you could win that game at a nice leisurely pace ;)

Use your imagination.  This could be horrifying!

Check that out if you get a chance. I'm interested in how far they've come now. Back in 1932, The Most Dangerous Game was just a movie. Who knows? By now, "human killing human" gameplay may really be happening!

Just so long as they don't get carried away and start converting games like "Centipede" ;)


, Mike

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