Friday, May 15, 2009

Linux Games That Were Fun Two Years Ago

Hey There,

Here's an interesting site. It's a top 10 Linux Games List For 2006

Check it out and see how many you still count as a favorite. I will always love Mah Jongg (doesn't have to come with a K ;) since it's virtually impossible to lose (I like games that make me feel less stoopid ;)

Tonight, I think I'll sleep. If I don't get woken up by work again; or by nightmares about being at work ;)

Thanks to everyone who keeps on reading. Now that I've beaten the flu, it'll just be a matter of days before the antibiotics stop messing with my internal organs and I have the energy to sleep 2 hours per 24 and write posts with substance again.

Actually, if I could find a fellow poster who wouldn't mind sharing the load (and the wonderful residual PR :) I'd like to make this blog into a full fledged Linux and Unix site (with a blog attached). Bigger and better than what it is. I have a vision in my head that, unfortunately, exceeds the boundaries of my free time. And, in this economy, I can't afford to say no to paying work...

I can dream, can't I? ;)

, Mike

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