Friday, May 29, 2009

Old, But Still Interesting, Linux Google Map

Hey there,

The latest entry in my ongoing series of posts I'd feel cheap about self-promoting ;)

Well, this week is turning out to be worse than last week, work-wise. The entire time I was getting my arse kicked by on-call, everything else I was working on took a one week hit. Then, of course, I was foolish enough to enjoy the day off on Memorial Day and, next thing I know, I have 4 days to do 10 days of work. If it weren't for those damned deadlines... ;)

Anyway; enough of my griping. I found this old Linux Google Map picture over at ITknowledgeExchange and busted a gut. Now, I'm in stitches (Didn't see that one coming from around the corner and down the block ;)

Top of the world to ya

Does anyone know if this plugin is still available? I would kill to get my hands on it. Figuratively, of course. This blog in no way endorses violence of any kind, directly. ...only by referral ...just kidding of course ...back to work ;)

, Mike

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