Thursday, May 7, 2009

Calling In Sick - Good Flu vs. Bad Flu

Hey There,

Today's post is another that I'm not really "advertising" or "letting people know I posted" or "other stuff" ;)

I actually have the flu pretty badly. Luckily the Doc says it's just plain-vanilla flu, so I don't have that swine flu that's going around, but I'll still feel like garbage today and tomorrow and maybe the day after that. Thank God I didn't get the bad stuff. That seems to be ending differently for most folks that contract it.

I'll be writing snippets of stuff so that I'll have post-worthy material for the next few days, but (although this is technically a post) I won't be posting today so that I can get even more sleep (I think I've gotten about 20 hours worth of sleep in the last day and a half and (if I weren't completely dehyrdrated and hungry) would probably be sleeping right now).

Time for my meds. I'll see you tomorrow with some funny stuff I find surfing the web from my "isolation chamber" (That's what we call the "sick bed" ;)

Have a great weekend everyone - and don't forget to wash your hands (Seriously. I do anyway, but the antibacterial stuff is supposed to be the order of the day with this sickness going around).

Cheers :)

, Mike

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