Friday, May 8, 2009

Grand Theft Auto 4 Insanity: Still Sick

Hey there,

This flu is really driving home the fact that I should write more than 1 post every couple of days so I have material for when I'm completely sapped. For that same reason, I'm not advertising this post like I do my usual ones (again). Why use up good will for no reason? ;)

In my ongoing quest to consume enough liquid, take enough medicine and get enough sleep to kick this bug, here's a video, from YouTube, that showcases some glitches, bugs and other funny stuff from "Grand Theft Auto IV."

PARENT'S WARNING: Please note that, while this video is fairly tame and all the violence is simulated, it's probably not suitable for young children. I own this game and I don't play it until my kids are safely tucked away in bed ;)

Cheers, and may the antibiotics begin making me feel better soon :)

, Mike

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