Sunday, May 10, 2009

The First Computer Mouse - Circa 1964

Hey There,

Today, the drugs are either starting to kill the flu/virus that's been feasting on my system all week or I'm turning into jello from the inside out ;)

As fair warning, I'm going to write one more "highlight" post (where I showcase other fun stuff I've found wasting away in bed, trawling the net) for Monday and work on getting back to putting up posts with some meat on them, simultaneously, so that, starting Tuesday, we'll be back to normal. By then, either my flu (or I) will be history. I'm rooting for the former, but (applying rational thought) I don't know that I'd necessarily complain after-the-fact if it worked out in the latter's favour. Once you're dead, you no longer have to pay your parking tickets ;)

You may also have noticed that this Sunday's post got published about 4pm CST Saturday. I did this so I would have the option to pass-out-with-no-regrets at any time ;)

Today's interesting little thingy was found over on the website, which showcases the "first" computer mouse. As you can see, from the pictures below, it doubled nicely as a blunt instrument ;)

Clicking on either of the pictures (or the preceding hyperlink) will take you to the main page, where you can check out the pet-rock/door-stop/computer-mouse for yourself, as well as view the original schematics.

I really wish I could get my hands on one of those; if only for self-defense ;)


, Mike

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