Sunday, May 17, 2009

Online Hacker-Leet Encoder - Still Fun After All These Years!

Hey there,

A good Sunday to you all :)

Today, I stumbled across this Hacker/Leet "translator" that's been online at for several years now. The reason I put "translator" in quotes is that this online script actually only "encodes" (if we're going to be fussy ;) your regular text into Hacker/Leet text. There is no facility for reverse-translating your Hacker/Leet language back into regular text. That would (I imagine) be a nifty trick if you could pull it off ;)

The site, itself, has some other interesting stuff on it, but the decoder/translator is my favorite, by far. It even allows you to choose the degree to which you want to "Hackerize" your text!

We'll use the preceding paragraph as a simple example and feed it to the script at the default 50% translation level. The output becomes this:

7h3 $173, 17$3#, h4$ $0m3 07h3r 1n73r3$71n9 $75 0n 17, b57 7h3 P3(0P3r/7r4n$#470r 1$ m% 4v0r173, b% 4r. 17 3v3n 4##0w$ %05 70 (h00$3 7h3 P39r33 70 wh1(h %05 w4n7 70 "H4(|{3r123" %05r 73x7!

A bit difficult to read. At 100%, you get this!

7|-|3 $173, 17$3#, |-|4$ $0|\/|3 07|-|3. 1|\|73.3$71|\|9 $75 0|\| 17, _57 7|-|3 P3(0P3./7.4|\|$#470. 1$ |\/|% 4\/0.173, _% 4.. 17 3\/3|\| 4##0\/\/$ %05 70 (|-|00$3 7|-|3 P39.33 70 \/\/|-|1(|-| %05 \/\/4|\|7 70 "|-|4(|{3.123" %05. 73)(7!


Generally, about 35% is good enough (and still relatively legible ;)

Th3 $1t3, 1t$3#f, h4$ $0m3 0th3r 1nt3r3$t1ng $t5ff 0n 1t, b5t th3 P3(0P3r/tr4n$#4t0r 1$ m% f4v0r1t3, b% f4r. 1t 3v3n 4##0w$ %05 t0 (h00$3 th3 P3gr33 t0 wh1(h %05 w4nt t0 "H4(k3r1z3" %05r t3xt!

At 30% and below, the translation gets reduced to just doing simple letter number replacments, which are no fun at all ;) 30% translation below:

Th3 s1t3, 1ts3lf, h4s s0m3 0th3r 1nt3r3st1ng stuff 0n 1t, but th3 d3c0d3r/tr4nsl4t0r 1s my f4v0r1t3, by f4r. 1t 3v3n 4ll0ws y0u t0 ch00s3 th3 d3gr33 t0 wh1ch y0u w4nt t0 "H4ck3r1z3" y0ur t3xt!

If you have the time, go over there and check it out. It's a lot of fun. Try recursive translation, too. Then let people puzzle over it ;)


, Mike

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