Friday, January 23, 2009

A Unix/Linux "Where's Waldo?" Or "Who Wants Some PI?"

Hey there,

I thought I'd finish off this miserable week (lots of work; little sleep) with a puzzle for everyone, like we do from time to time, if you ever want to check out older posts on seemingly random numbers and the M I U puzzle. There are even more that you can find by just searching the index of the blog.

Today, I'm leaching off a somewhat-familiar challenge: Where's Waldo? Except, in this version he's hiding somewhere in the first million numbers to the right of the decimal point of PI. Finding him will require some really simple conversion, but I have checked to verify that he is, in fact, in there (in more ways than one, depending on how you decide to do your translation of integers to... what have you? :)

Hope you guys have fun with this. I'll post my answers (and their respective rationales) in a near-future post. I've left off the leading 3, since it throws off the nice pretty columns.

CLUE/SPOILER-ALERT: In this version, Waldo is not wearing his trademark hat!!! ;)

Enjoy, and have some PI - Click the picture below to be taken to my offsite page that contains the the million digits. It won't work in Blogspot and it would probably destroy the RSS feed, anyway ;)


who wants more pi?

, Mike

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