Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photos From The Golden Age Of Computing

Happy Saturday, everyone :)

Today's post is going to be less humorous than most of our weekend posts, but still, kind of cool and interesting. We may get a laugh from inside of you. ...deep down inside ;)

So, kick back, relax and enjoy these pictures from the golden age of computing. All pictures are linked back to the original source (where required by the military -- no kidding) or linked to from the extensive archives at Lots of fun stuff to reminisce about over there, along with links to tons of other sites with old computer information and pictures!

Enjoy :)

Note: Click on the image below to see it in its original context (I forced the picture down to 800x600, since the actual picture is 1200-something by another huge number ;) and enjoy your stay on the Army's webservers ;)

The very first laptop :)

And DEFINITELY check out this link to read up on the bleeding-edge technology from 1955 :)

, Mike

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