Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Ubuntu Linux, Possibly Humorous, Religious Marathon Continues

Hey there,

Following up on yesterday's post regarding Ubuntu's Christian Edition, I found this, much more comprehensive page, at The Baheyeldin Dynasty.

If you get a chance, go check the site out. Not only do they have links to Ubuntu Christian Edition, but they've also got links to Jewbuntu (A joke site, but you'll still feel guilty for a long, long time after you read it ;), Ubuntu Muslim Edition (not a joke, but includes a "No Fatwa" guarantee) and a whole lot of other Linux/Unix/Religion-related links (mostly jokes).

If you can take your Faith with an ounce of humour, hop on over there. Half of the site is hilarious and the other half is somewhat-hilarious-yet-somewhat-disturbing-because-it's-true ;)

Also (late breaking news) thanks to Lester McGrath for pointing us in the direction of this entirely separate distribution of Christian Linux!


, Mike

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