Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Memoriam: Ligeia Golvach 1993 - 2008

Hey everyone,

No Linux, Unix or sense of humor in my blood today, so I'm not submitting this post to any directories.

Ligeia not admitting guilt

Just got back from making the decision to euthanize my cat of 15 years (that's about 105 human years), Ligeia. She, like most Calico's, developed a hyperthyroid condition several years ago. It was maintained with medication but, in the end (which came very quickly - within the last week and a half), I'd like to think that her laboured intake of breath, inability to keep down food, dehydration and (natural) ravenous hunger and thirst was making her life painful and miserable enough that the decision I made was the correct one. I'll never know, since I never could speak cat, but the vet said she only had a few days left, no matter what we did, and was also in a great deal of pain. The bred-in inclination to seek out new resting places where no one might find her gives me some solace, since predatory animals will often go off to be by themselves (or to hide themselves) when they know it's their time to die. I pray she's feeling better now and no longer suffering.

Ligeia at rest

Requiescat in Pace, my sweet. I'll miss you...

, Mike

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