Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hacker's Google - Linux and Unix Humor

Hope you're having a fantastic Sunday!

Today, I found something interesting on the net. And, although it would be cool on its own, the Google Hacker Search is even more interesting and/or humourous since it's actually hosted by Google. I honestly didn't think they had a sense of humour. This could be due to my bred-in cynicism (any company that goes out of its way to let you know that they have game rooms, provide 24 hour meal service, have sleeping quarters available on location and then follows that up with a slogan like "Google...a great place to work!" instantly scores low on my optimism scale. If I see that, I'm thinking "'re never ever going to see your family again" ;)

In any event, check out these screen shots, check out the actual site and have fun browsing some of the web in gibberish ;) Unfortunately, they don't frame all of their search results with the same translation, and they don't allow The Dialectizer to translate their search results pages. Bummer. Check out The Dialectizer for a good laugh, though. There are more dialects than "hacker" to choose from :)


The Google Hacker Image Search Page:
Click the picture below. Make the guy who counts our outclicks really happy and then really depressed over and over and over again;)

Google hacker image search

The Google Hacker Normal Search Page:
The Surgeon General warns that the link below contains carbon-monoxide. Click at your own risk ;)

Google hacker search

The Disappointing Google Hacker Search Results:
Click the picture below and curse me for, yet again, not including an _blank argument in my href ;)

Google hacker search results

, Mike

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