Saturday, August 16, 2008

Linux and Unix Admin Humor - The Web Site Is Down!

Hey There,

This weekend's comedic gold is quite a bit older than I would have thought. I feel like I've missed out, although I'm glad that someone finally mailed this link to me :) This is a simple (although a bit long at around 10 minutes) video that is absolutely hilarious. If you've ever done any kind of computer administration (and maybe if you've been on the other end of this debacle) it's entertaining stuff. The voices have been "chipmunked," but not to protect the innocent/guilty, since there's a cast list during the credits at the end. I'm thinking this thing was probably twice as long and the distorted voices are from a speedup of the entire video. No matter how it plays, this is a killer humor :)

Below is my "ripped" version from the Web Site itself. I'm keeping in line with their no-rip policy by including the credits. They don't mind if their product gets distributed, as long as people like me don't claim to have produced it themselves. That's only fair. I'm sure some work went into this one:

Once, you're done watching, check out The Web Site Is Down, where you can see a much better quality version of this, and goof around a bit. They have one page where you can log on to a fake computer and it gives you no end of wisecracking command line returns.

NOTE: When you find the online Linux box and login (click the "desktop" link at the top right of the main page), be sure to "Reboot it!" 3 times. You'll catch some video and there are a few easter eggs you can find directly from there.

I've also included a link to this mini slowed down version of a part of the video, so you can hear their real voices.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Have a great Saturday :)

, Mike

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