Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Unix and Linux Video Humor - Internet Sysop

Hey There,

Yesterday's video humor entry was fairly well received, so I figured I'd put out the only other one I've kept track of, today. Of course, I take no credit for the material I'm presenting (as I didn't take any credit for yesterday's video). I try to do as much as I can to attribute the funny stuff I find for the weekends to the correct people and or corporations. Everyone deserves credit for their work, so I try to make sure that they (whomever they may be) get their propers. The only thing I take credit for, in these humor posts, is for writing the convoluted and confusing copy that precedes and/or follows the best parts ;) I've only actually miscredited one source so far (that I know of) and changed my post accordingly once I was notified. As always, if you notice that something posted on this blog is incorrect, needs proper attribution or disagrees with your stomach, please email the blog using the "Send me a comment" link at the top right of every post (and at the bottom of most).

Today's submission is somewhat of an oldie, too. I saw this a long time ago, I think before I even started this blog and it has just recently come back into my sphere of attention. Since it's not only an oldie, but also a goodie, I thought those of you who've never seen it before might get a kick out of it.

The original source of the video (in-lined below) can be found at the "Something Awful" web site. Check out the entire site for even more potential laughs :) If you do find something truly awful over there, be sure to direct all disparaging remarks to them, but please let me know about it so I can enjoy it (...I mean, check it out) myself ;)

For your viewing, and listening pleasure, the illustrated music-video stylings of the Internet Sysop


IMPORTANT NOTE: If offensive language offends you, please do not click on the white triangle inside the embedded video. If you're prepared to be offended... click away :)

, Mike

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