Saturday, August 2, 2008

Absolute Nonsense - More Weekend Unix and Linux Levity

Hey there,

Another week has passed and it's time to laugh heartily before it all ends in tears ;) This week, I stumbled upon Two sites that had me working overtime trying not to laugh out loud at my desk. Nonsense humor isn't for everyone, but I find it the most enjoyable kind. It's goofy, it's random and once something gets me going I sound like I'm having a massive asthma attack while I'm trying to force myself to not laugh. Thank God I do this during my lunch break, when nobody cares to stop and see if I'm okay ;)

This is going to be a strange post, since there's not a whole lot I can put up here without directing you to another site. The one bad thing about random nonsense generation (no matter how controlled it may be) is that, once I cut and paste it into this editor, it will stop being random. Hopefully, it will remain nonsense ;)

The first one, called The Unity Of Multi is so heavy with references to the Illuminati, the numbers 23 and 5, discordianism and "fnords" that I was surprised I couldn't find a link to Robert Anton Wilson's Site (of whose writing I'm a great fan), but it may be in there somewhere. Possibly a link to Robert Shea as well, but I'm getting way off topic... Or maybe not. If you check out the about RAW page on Wilson's site, it's also re-loadable nonsense :)

Anyway, check out "Fun with randomness" near the bottom of the page. I personally enjoyed the Random Band Name and Random Goth Lyric generators the most. If the band generator link doesn't work for you, try hitting this Random Generator Site for pretty much the same thing, with a few extras.

The second site, which made me laugh harder for some reason, actually has a program you can download to customize and expand upon if you ever feel like it. It's appropriately titled Nonsense and links to a bundle you can download and install on your own PC or Unix/Linux box to start enjoying right away. You can put the form.html file anywhere and, if you accept the defaults, just dump everything else into your cgi-bin directory. Right out of the box, the form.html assumes everything is located at "localhost/cgi-bin" but editing it to suit your needs is pretty quick and easy.

Here are screen shots of the "fancy" form and one of my favorite pages (None of the "stupid laws" on the page are true, to my knowledge). All of the pages, it should be noted can be reloaded, until your fingers get tired, to come up with some fairly unique and amusing content. If you want to breeze through it, I'd recommend the "Stupid Laws," "College Courses," and "Mission Statements." Pretty much everything under the "data files" section is a good for a few laughs and the "Resume" builder under the "Templates" section can squeeze out some hilarious reading, too :) As always, click on the pics to make them larger.

Stupid Laws

And, just to clear the air and reassure the folks at Google, this page was not created with Blog-O-Matic. This is 100% original material fronting for 100% purposefully-random material on 100% original web-sites :)

Have a great Saturday!

, Mike