Saturday, November 15, 2008

XKCD - Linux, Unix And Other Funny Cartoons

Hey there,

Hope your Saturday is going okay and that you're reading this in the evening or late afternoon (since, if you're like me, that's breakfast time ;) To start off this week's Linux and Unix humor section, I went looking around all 4 corners of the earth for something that made me laugh (at the very least, on the inside ;) and I ran back over a site that I'd actually used one cartoon from in a previous humor post. The site's name is XKCD and, after spending a while browsing through the tons of content on the site, I found that I liked way too many of the cartoons to include them all here. As some of you may have noticed, I have a tendency to try and include as much material as possible on my local page (with proper attribution to the content's creator and a link back to their site). This backfired on me last weekend when it made my RSS feed grow past the Google boundary and I had to muck around with that and start limiting the number of items to keep it alive (That's just for now. As soon as last weekend's humor posts fall off naturally, I'll be removing the size restriction so that the feed includes as much back-content as possible).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the following comics. Some have to do with Linux and Unix, others have to do with computing concepts and still others have to do with... I have no idea ;) I have no problem admitting when I don't get a joke. It's actually really easy to tell because I don't even fake a laugh like I do for the bad ones that I understand but don't find amusing.

Have a safe Saturday, and we'll see you tomorrow with more "yuks" from the web that just happens to be as wide as the world ;)


Please click on any of the below images if you have trouble reading them. The increase in the laugh-factor should be commensurate with the relative picture growth :)

, Mike

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