Saturday, November 1, 2008

Too Late For Halloween - Almost Linux/Unix Humor

Hey there,

I'm just sitting here, ready to grab up some more Unix and Linux humor off of the net and thinking what would work great for Halloween. My only problem is, probably, by the time you read this, it won't be Halloween anymore! This is what I get for planning in advance. I've become a victim of my own efficiency and am sitting here like an idiot wondering why I didn't go with a Halloween-themed piece yesterday ;)

The good news is that, even though I've royally screwed up, there's a hilarious video clip (not Linux or Unix related) which almost totally goes with today's unplanned theme of complete confusion and poor planning of relative time :) It's from a great sketch comedy show, called Mr. Show. I actually own all four of the seasons they put out before HBO (in a fit of insanity, I think) cancelled it, and have them on DVD. If you really dig it, you can save some green and pick up All 4 Seasons In One DVD Collection over at In keeping with the theme of this post, I don't have an affiliate account with either site, so I won't make a dime if you do decide to purchase anything ;)

I hope you enjoy this video. It's about a television call in show that pre-tapes its shows one week in advance. I can't watch it without busting a gut. I hope you find it at least half as funny as I do :)

Enjoy, and happy belated Halloween ;)

, Mike

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