Saturday, October 25, 2008

Unix - What Is It? More Linux/Unix Humor

Hey there, Hope your Saturday is getting off to a good start :)

For this week's attempt to find even more Linux, Unix and/or computer-related humour on the web, I ran across an entertaining 4 minutes of video called "Unix: What the heck is it?" It's attached to this post, below, but is also available on OrienteeringPro's YouTube Page.

I ended up downloading the video and converting it from flash to AVI, since no embedding code was available. I'm assuming it's okay to put it here, on this blog, with attribution and a link-back since sharing (on YouTube) for this video was set on and encouraged. If I'm mistaken and this video is your property, please contact me (via the email link at the top right of every page) and I'll be happy to take it down and replace it with a blue hyperlink (Not quite as enticing, but probably more economical ;)

NOTE FOR FOLKS WITH VERY LITTLE TIME ON THEIR HANDS: The funniest part of this video starts about 3 minutes and 5 seconds into the playback. Listen for: "But, you may ask, when will I ever need to use a Unix system?" It's a scene from a blockbuster hollywood movie most of us probably remember (even if we don't want to ;) and is yet another illustration of why computer usage in films can make you nuts if you're unable to suspend your disbelief to the extreme ;)

If the video is a bit choppy, I apologize. You can view it in its original format on OrienteeringPro's YouTube Page if it begins to annoy you.


, Mike

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