Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mac, PC, Linux: South Park Style

Hey There,

Here's a little something quirky to start the weekend off. Yes, it "is" yet another spinoff on the ubiquitous "PC Mac" Commercial-"PC Mac Linux"-jokes, but it's got a neat little twist. You'll especially dig it if you're a big "South Park" fan. I'm in and out on that show (likes vs. dislikes equals no opinion on it whatsoever ;), but I still thought this video was pretty clever.

You can find the original video at's South Park site. The site has a few other things on it that I found pretty amusing. Considering the day I've had, this page may very well be hilarious ;) Check it out to make up your own mind. The day you start absorbing other people's opinions as your own is the day you stop enjoying all that life has to offer. It's for this reason that I not only read "the classics" and watch "fine cinema," but also insist on reading "trashy novels" and watching "Straight-To-Video B-Movies." Like they say: To appreciate the best, you must be well acquainted with the worst (I'm paraphrasing. I think I read that in an important book once. Although it's entirely possible the idea came from some pulp garbage like Cocaine Blues ...Believe or not, I actually got that novel as a birthday present once. I highly recommend buying it and never ever reading it. You'll be saving yourself, and someone else, the utter disappointment and possible heartache involved ;)

Here's hoping you enjoy the "South Park" Linux Joke and have a great Saturday :)


South Park Mac Vs. PC Vs. Linux - video powered by Metacafe

, Mike

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