Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pulling Info From IMDB Part One: Goofy Movie Titles

Hey There,

We're going off the range here today (while we leave another script on the oven to simmer for 24 hours ;) and moving along to finding the best way to strip "random-yet-connected" data from any online source.

The script should be fully tested by tomorrow, but for today we'll just be showing you what we've gotten it to produce so far (since it had to be manually massaged a bit).

This "project" will accomplish two simultaneous goals; neither of which will probably end up being for the betterment of mankind ;)

1. Scour the Internet Movie DataBase Main Search Hub-Page, using wget for Linux or Unix, and find all the movie titles that match our seed-pool of words or phrases.

2. Mix the real movie titles with fake movie titles culled from our seed-pool. For instance "Maximum Proposal" is a movie title created by combining two different members of our seed-pool. It's made up of two words which, when taken separately, appear in lots and lots of movie titles. Together, they're just completely ridiculous ;)

The result is, hopefully, as amusing for everyone else as it was (and is) for us :)


Stupid Movie Titles

Currently Reigning Champion

Baby Monitor: Sound of Fear

Presenting, in an ongoing attempt at maintaining alphabetical order, a collection of some of the worst and most uninspired creations of the military-industrial-entertainment complex.

Most are real, some I just made up.

If you can find all the fakes, treat yourself to a brand new couch!

(Yadda, Yadda, Yadda) Planet of the Apes


Agony of Love: Lace and Lash

Ain't Love Cuckoo?

Aliens From Another Planet

Allergic to Love

Analysis of a Proposal

Analytical Instinct

Barn of the Blood Llama

Battle Taxi

Big Love - An Invitation to Disaster

Blood Arrow

Blood Church

Blood Diner

Blood Freak

Blood Kick: Kung Fu of the Five Hand Ninja

Blood Orgy of the She Devils

Blood Sucking Freaks

Blood and Donuts

Bloodsucking Pharoahs in Pittsburgh

Bloodthirsty Butchers

Bloody Hand Goddess

Bride of Chucky

Bride of the Monster

Brutal Carnage

Burning Sensation

Carpet Burn

Chased by Bloodhounds

Chronic Halitosis

Critical Motive

Cyberteens in Love

Dead Heat

Death By Dialogue

Death Car On the Freeway

Death Diploma

Death Fish

Death Goes To School

Death May Be Your Santa Claus

Death and the Compass

Decisive Impact

Deep Blood

Deep Fist

Deep Impact

Deep Rising

Deep Rub

Deep Sea Doodle

Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

Double Impact


Drunk Driving

Dunston Checks In

Education High

Evil Mystery Friend

Evil Undead

Fatal Glimpse

Fatal Proposal

Fiduciary Responsibility

Final Debenture

Final Exam

Final Impact

Final Instigator

Final Instinct

Fist Fighter

Fistful of Fingers

Fistful of Fist

Forced Vengeance

Foxy By Proxy

Frank Proposal

Frankenstein: The College Years

Full Impact

Funky Monkey 2

Guilty as Hell


Happy Victim

Hard Impact

Headless Body in Topless Bar

Headless Eyes

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

I Know Where You Went Last Summer

Immediate Seizure

In Abstentia

Indecent Analysis

Indecent Impact


Instinctive Analysis

Instinctive Proposal

It's Alive III: Island of the Alive

It's Hummer Time

Judge the Bloody City


Kicked in the Face

Kiss The Blood Off My Hands

Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat

Let's Do Life

Leveraged Buyout

Liberal Helping

Live By the Fist

Living Bed of Blood

Lumbering Behemoth

Mad City

Maximum Analysis

Maximum Impact

Maximum Proposal

Maximum Risk

Maximum Surge

Mister Deathman

Mod F*** Explosion

Montgolfier of Death

Mr. Clean

My Friend, Flicka

My Giant

My Life As An Eggplant

My One Good Leg

Mystery Trellis

Night of the Bloody Transplant

Nolo Contendre

Petticoat Planet

Presumed Guilty


Punch and Judo

Quantum Deep

Reality Bites

Reefer Madness

Samurai Blood, Samurai Guts

Sensation Hunters

Sensitive Analysis

Sensitive Impact

Sensitive Instinct

Sensitive Proposal

Sensual Recluse

Sex, Blood and Mutilation

Shades of Love: Tangerine Taxi

Shoot Fighter

Sinister Overtones

Ski Lift to Death

Spencer: The Judas Goat

Steel Dawn

Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model?

Street Gun

Street Justice

Streets of Rage

Sugar Mommies

Sugar and Plastic

Tap Daddy

Taxi Dancer

Taxi Girls

Taxi! Taxi!

Tech Support: Customers in Crisis!

Terminal Force

Terminal Impact

Terminal Justice

That Darn Cat

The Bloody Olive

The Camptown Suicide Club

The Drunken Shaolin Monkey

The Heavy Hand of Dr. Grubensteiner

The Hippy Dentist

The Last Few Minutes in the Life of Marty Birnbaum

The Lickerish Quartet

The Lift

The Psychedelics

The Sadist

The Schmoozer

The Secret Bloody Island

The Snapper

The Stone Fox

Three Men and a Chimp

Thundering Taxis

Triple Impact

Trust: Why Did You Kill Me?

Unmitigated Analysis

Violent Planet

Wacky Taxi


What Price Taxi?

When A Stranger Calls

World of the Drunken Master

Would You Like Fries With That?

Young Pistols

Young Zombies


, Mike

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