Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obsolete Technology Can Be Yours Today!

EDIT - 4/26/09 - Thanks to ComputerBob at LXer for pointing out that the link to the main picture page was incorrect. It has been fixed :)

Hey There,

It's been a rainy Saturday night and it looks like it'll be a rainy Sunday out here. In other words, it's a perfect time to moon over the cutting edge computers of my youth ;)

I found a great collection of defunct (or antique) home computers at, which houses everything from a picture gallery (below) to a great collection of old computer commercials from back in the days when so much of what we take for granted now was considered absolutely amazing :)

There are, literally, over 8 pages of advertisements to check out and even more pictures and other information. It's great fun and either humorous, nostalgic and/or both (viewing experience depends heavily on age and/or computing experience ;)

Just to give you some idea about how inexpensive home computing is today, find the "GRID" home computer below (near the bottom and it has GRID written on the screen ;) and follow that link to the information page. It retailed for $8,150!!! Ouch!

Enjoy and cheers!

NOTE: All picture links below go directory to and the respective information page for each of the machines shown.

Click on any image to display more pictures and information.

Once again, appreciate the beauty of your first true love.

, Mike

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