Saturday, April 18, 2009

Heavy Metal On Your IPhone - Powered By Linux - I'm Too Busy To Shamelessly Self Promote Tonight :)

Hey There,

I'm way too busy to even churn this hunk out tonight, but I saw this on the web and thought you might enjoy some of the tunes. I found this page on and I believe it's all free. I'll find out for sure at 3 or 4am ;)

Keep an eye out for Rebel Radio, as well. They'll be streaming audio 24/7 very soon, which is great news if you love rock and don't live near Zion, Illinois! :)


Heavy Metal Music Video on Iphone - MP4

Heavy Metal Video 4 Ipohone and Ipod touh!

MP4, 480x320, H-264, 512kbps

All files on Premium Account, name of file = name of music video

Heavy Metal

, Mike

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