Friday, April 24, 2009

Linux Distribution Logos - An Interesting Collection

Happy Friday to everyone,

If you haven't left work yet (assuming you made the double mistake of waking up "and" coming in ;), here's hoping you can get out the door fast. I don't know what the weather's like in your area, but it's going to be nice and balmy around here for the next few days, after which it will, once again, be freezing cold and snowy (I love Chicago :)

I came upon this random collection of Linux logos on Tech Source From Bohol and thought it would be interesting to share. Most of these are just visually interesting. Some of them (like the logo for "Blag" Linux, which I didn't know existed and am dying to try out - yes, just because of the name ;) are a bit amusing. You be the judge. No one should have me as the arbiter of their taste ;) I've only included 20 of them because my bones are brittle and ...I just couldn't stand the copy and paste any more! ;)

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the logos. Also, stop by Tech Source From Bohol and check out the rest of the 50-logo set, plus all of the other interesting articles and showcases they have over there :)


, Mike

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