Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Linux And Unix ASCII Art

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Although this holiday is heavily associated with a famous massacre and referred to by a good percentage of the general population as "Just in case you forgot, you're single" day, it's still up there with the biggies (If Hallmark ever figures out how to work Jesus into the celebration, they'll have a real hit on their hands ;)

No matter if you're in a relationship or find yourself alone this Valentine's day, you can make this holiday work for you. If you're involved, send a card (or do something nice) for your partner. If you're single, do something nice for yourself and enjoy this time in your life. Eventually, you will reminisce fondly about your independence. Sad, but true ;)

Now that I've spread the sweet perfume of romance in the air (or spread something ... thick ;) let's get to the pretty ASCII art. The ASCII art script, tagged to the bottom of this post, was picked up from, where they have a great collection of ASCII art which encompasses far more than just Valentine's day pictures. Go check out the ASCII World and see if you can't find something interesting to send to friends, family, even bitter enemies ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, again, and I hope you enjoy this bad boy. This time we added   HTML entities to maintain the spacing that Blogspot generally eradicates :)

NOTE: Click on the picture below for a whole lotta love ;)

Valentines Day ASCII Art


# - Happy Valentine's Day To The Love Of My Life - My Wonderful Wife :)

echo -en "\thugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&\n\t&            hugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&hu         &hugs&kisses\n\ts&h        es&hugs&kisses&hugs&kiss                 gs&kisse\n\tes&h      sses&hugs&kisses&hugs&k                     s&kiss\n\tses&      isses&hugs&kisses&hugs            &kiss      s&kis\n\tsses      kisses&hugs&kisses&hu           ugs&kiss      s&ki\n\tisse      &kisses&hugs&kisses&h          &hugs&kiss     gs&k\n\tkiss      s&kisses&hugs&kisses&         es&hugs&kis     ugs&\n\t&kis      gs&kisses&hugs&kisses        sses&hugs&k      hugs\n\ts&ki      ugs&kisses&hugs&kisse       kisses&hugs       &hug\n\tgs&k      hugs&kisses&hugs&kiss      s&kisses&hu        s&hu\n\tugs&      &hugs&kisses&hugs&kis     ugs&kisses&         es&h\n\thugs      s&hugs&kisses&hugs& i     hugs&kisse          ses&\n\t&hug      es&hugs&kisses&hug  k      hugs&kis           sses\n\ts&hu      ses&hugs&kisses&h   &       hugs&             isse\n\tes&h      sses&hugs&kisse     s&                       &kiss\n\ts                             gs&ki                 hugs&kis\n\ts                             ugs&kisse         sses&hugs&ki\n\ti             ses&h                                        k\n\tk             sses&                                        &\n\t&kis      gs&kisses&hug   isses&hugs      s&hugs&kisse     s\n\ts&kis      gs&kisses&h   &kisses&hug      es&hugs&kisses   g\n\tgs&ki      ugs&kisses&   s&kisses&hu      ses&hugs&kisses  u\n\tugs&ki      ugs&kisse   ugs&kisses&h      sses&hugs&kisses h\n\thugs&k      hugs&kiss   hugs&kisses&      isses&h gs&kisses&\n\t&hugs&k      hugs&ki   s&hugs&kisses      kisses  ugs&kisses\n\ts&hugs&      &hugs&k   es&hugs&kisse              hugs&kisse\n\tes&hugs&      &hugs   sses&hugs&kiss      s&kiss  &hugs&kiss\n\tses&hugs      s&hug   isses&hugs&kis      gs&kiss s&hugs&kis\n\tsses&hugs      s&h   &kisses&hugs&ki      ugs&kisses&hugs& i\n\tisses&hug      es&   s&kisses&hugs&k      hugs&kisses&hug  k\n\tkisses&hug      e   ugs&kisses&hugs&      &hugs&kisses&h   &\n\t&kisses&hu          hugs&kisses&hugs      s&hugs&kisse     s\n\ts&kisses&hu        s&hugs&kisses                           g\n\tgs&kisses&h        es&hugs&kisse                           u\n\tugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&hugs&kisses&h\n"

, Mike

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