Sunday, February 22, 2009

Unix And Linux Cartoon Roundup

Once again, a pleasant Sunday to you all,

SPECIAL NOTE: Friday's post on the absorption of knowledge was written on Blogspot in IE7 and suffered from some horrible display problems on FireFox and other browsers. It has been completely retooled. Apologies for any inconvenience that post caused. Even though I write some goofy rants, missing text wasn't supposed to be part of that post's intentionally cryptic style. I will add this apology/comment to Monday's post as well. Thanks :) - Mike

I found a nice little collection of even more comics online at Linux Toons. Given the site's name, I'm not sure what that says about my powers of observation ;)

I you want to check out the whole collection, please drop by Linux Toons and give 'em a good going over. There are more plentylaughs to be had over on their side of the fence :)


2007-01-25. I thought Linus was from Finland? Or is that
Eric Raymond?

M again,
2007-12-04. Mads bashing Windows
BSOD, and also
The text says "Because you're worth it, Peasant!"

On a completely but not quite unrelated note, here are some
cool Unix products:

Unix nappies. (source)

Unix fire extinguisher.
Picture by Tormod.

, Mike

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