Saturday, February 7, 2009

Learning Linux Through Humor And Comics!

Happy Saturday :)

Today (or yesterday, or the day after tomorrow.. whenever this post was/will-be written ;) we stumbled upon this site that's shooting at teaching Linux to the younger generation by introducing Open Source to them through comics. I actually know a few guys who could benefit from this form of learning themselves. Not me, though. I only read "graphic novels" ;)

Today we're linking to their first issue (which you can find on their Issue Guide). It's downloadable, printable and free, so check it out if you get a chance.

Actually, below, is the list of issues they discuss in their "FIRST ISSUE." It's quite expansive. You can download the first issue in ebook form for free!

Is the below list of issues too much? Only you can decide. It's turned my brain into pudding and I have a lot of learning to do before I go back to doing this for a living in two days ;) Just kidding, of course :)


The first issue of 'Hackett and Bankwell' teaches readers how to switch from commercial operating systems to the Free and Open Source GNU/Linux platform. The issue focuses on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and shows the audience how to search for and install software using the Synaptic Package Manager in Gnome. If some of the terminology in the comic was new and you want more information on any of the technical topics introduced in the first issue of Hackett and Bankwell, you can find it in the links below. Information covered in #1 includes:
A History of UNIX
A History of the GNU General Public License
A History of the GNU Project
A History of Linux from a GNU-centric perspective
A History of Linux from a Linux-centric perspective
A History of Cyber Criminals
A History of Debian Linux
A History of RedHat Linux
A History of Ubuntu Linux
A Linux Timeline
Open Source Alternatives to Commercial Apps
More Linux Alternatives to Commercial Software
Information on Linux as a Mobile Device Platform
Saving Money on Software Expenses with Linux
Linux or GNU Linux?
Understanding the Linux GUI
Information on the GNOME Graphical User Interface
List of GNU Packages
List of Linux Distributions (Distros)
List of Linux LiveCD Distros
Intro to Debian for RedHat Users
Differences between RedHat and Debian Linuxes
Package Management in Ubuntu
Package Management in RedHat
Information on GIMP
USA EPA Guide to Recycling Electronics
Find an E-Cycler
Editing Boot Options in the BIOS
Official Ubuntu Installation Documentation
Professional Video in Linux
Free Video Editing Software in Linux
Lifehacker's Top 10 Programs in Ubuntu
Setting up Evolution Email in Ubuntu
Upgrading an Existing Ubuntu Installation
Using the Ubuntu Update Manager
Understanding Binary Files
Understanding Source Code
Specifying Repositories in Ubuntu
Using the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu
Open Office Productivity Software
VLC Media Player in Linux
Slashdot Article on Audio Editing with Linux
Information on the Linux Command Line Interface
List of UFO Crashes

, Mike

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