Friday, January 30, 2009

Unix and Linux Humor - Inspirational Posters

Hey there and a fine Friday to you!

After this week, we probably all need a laugh (I'm being presumptuous in assuming your week was at least 51% miserable, too ;)

This quick and easy-to-digest post is only peripherally related to Linux and/or Unix, but I think we've all been subjected to those ridiculous (and sometimes framed) posters designed to inspire us to, apparently, never stop and wonder "What the Hell am I doing here?" ;)

The following set of pictures are just a few of the ones I like. They're not the real-deal schmaltzy pseudo-inspirational kitsch that you see in the office (inevitably located somewhere in between your cube and the bathroom ;). These demotivational posters, and more, can be found on Definitely give that site a look if a good laugh is all that's standing between you and an act of data center vandalism that you'll, ultimately, regret ;)

Enjoy :)

, Mike

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