Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We'll Be Moving Soon: Unix and Linux Lame Encryption Decoded

Hey there,

There are still several hours left to go on the poll (which may be closed at the time of publishing) as I write this post, but (unless something insane happens) it looks as though our desire to remove ourselves from blogspot agrees with the opinion of about 77 percent of the folks who took the time to vote. I won't go through all the reasons things will be better once we get our own URL, although I will provide a handy link back to the original post where we laid out our reasons for moving on to our own host. Once things get ironed out (which should be well before we actually "do" move), the switch will be made. Hopefully, we'll be able to either maintain both sites at once or Google will be good enough to allow us to keep this domain and redirect from it for a while (for free or for a fee; however they do it).

NOTE: If you're one of the potentially thousands of people who stop by here every once in a while (and you haven't written in yet), we'll be putting up a limited subscription email form (you can always email us via the "Send Me A Comment" link at the top right of every page) as soon as possible. To be 100 percent clear, the "limited" part means that it won't be up forever AND that the subscription (as is so often referenced on many white/black/grey-hat marketing sites on the net) is "limited" in that you'll get one email (announcing our new address, and any other information pertinent to the move), after which you will be automatically unsubscribed. This is a one-shot email deal and your email address will not be sold or traded in any way. You always have the option of just following the site, as we should be posting information about the move, as we get it, right here. We probably have something to gain by collecting a bunch of email addresses, but if we ever want to sell you something, we'll let you know that we're trying to sell you something. Wanna buy a bridge? ;)

More on that, as it comes. It appears as though we have some work to do over the holidays. In the end, this move should result in a better experience for both the reader and everyone here, since we'll be able to avail ourselves of conveniences not possible under our current setup. We thank Google for helping us get our start for zero dollars per month, but now it's time for us to move on.

And, to wrap up, since nobody replied regarding our previous confusion and lame encryption treasure-hunt post, we got lucky and don't have to pony-up the prize right away ;) Although, rest assured, on our new site, there will be revision upon revision of our cable TV script, in real-time, as we're able to update it in our CVS repository. We have a personal stake in seeing this through because, after having it work so well for a month, many of us have become entirely dependant on it. Zap2it may have changed their format (and will probably do so again), but we can modify how we extract the information. Also, TVGuide would be a good alternate source of information for getting instant television listings.

BTW, the original script was our Google search index rank script, compressed and goofed around with (although not made unworkable) via methods posted in our series on security through obfuscation and, finally, made even more confusing using our script to do lame encryption using od. Check it out. Why would we lie ;)

In closing, we're looking forward to the move and will put up a mail form as soon as possible. If you prefer, again, just send us email via the "Send Me A Comment" link at the top right of every post if you wish to be notified when the terms of the move are finalized, or you just have a gripe ;)

Cheers :)

, Mike

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