Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unix And Linux Humor In Pictures - Does Anyone Else Really Exist?

A glorious Sunday to you,

This week's Sunday humour comes from's Humour Section. It's pretty funny and should take up a whole lot of space ;) Visit their main site to check out all the other interesting and fun stuff they have going on and, of course, if you want to see the original version of this page (although - I kept the disclaimer in my reprint - they actually got this from somewhere else, also ;), you can check it out on their site under Back Orifice 2000 Screen Shots Of The Week. And (to explain for the benefit of any fathers like me ;) the orifice to which they're referring (or the "back orifice," to be more specific) is the just name of an old exploit. If the term is being used as double entendre, I'll just live in delusion and assume that it really isn't ;)

Have a great and, hopefully, restful, day.


Back Orifice 2000 Screen Shots of the Week


The files contained here are a mirror of the original files at They are not sponsored, nor were originally obtained in any way by myself.

Screen Capture of the Week
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, Mike

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