Monday, March 2, 2009

Funny And Fun Wallpapers: Linux And Unix Humor On A Monday

Hey there,

I began attempting to write a serious tech opinion piece for today, but realized (just a paragraph or two in) that to do so would be a waste of your time and whatever mental effort I have left in store (which I may, yet, be called upon to exert, since I'm writing this the day before I'm relieved of pager duty). As of this morning I've worked 41 hours this weekend and slept for about 5 or 6. Right now, I'm so tired I can't sleep (ever had that happen to you? Probably, if you do what I do for a living).

I can hear all of the world's smallest violins (all but one, in a realistic sense, actually being the world's almost-smallest ;) playing just for me, so I'll move on. The pity party is over. Probably, plenty of folks (in technical and non-technical fields) are having a much worse time of it than I am. If you're one of them, let me preemptively write "I get it" and "you win." There; now we're all ( at the very least ) equally miserable ;)

Off-subject-but-interesting, I think: Does anyone else find it strange that the wikipedia page for Opinion is so short? You'd think that would be the one page that everyone could contribute to and have their entry accepted. It should be HUGE. In fact, there should be at least one entry stating that the entire basis of the concept of opinion is mere opinion. Just my 2 cents worth ;)

Hope you get a laugh from at least one of the fun wallpapers/backgrounds for your Linux or Unix desktop; tagged onto the bottom of the post. They're all being linked directly to (Don't Bogart that Linux, my friend ;). Stop on over there if you like what you see and are hungry for more. They have plenty of other cool backgrounds/wallpapers and more than just ones attempting to be funny and/or clever!

I'll be back tomorrow, after getting some rest (I think I just jinxed any hope of ever sleeping again ;)

NOTE: Some of the pictures have been trimmed by my column width. Not so much so that I want to fuss over them all. They're all available at the site linked to above :)




, Mike

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