Sunday, February 10, 2008

Summary Post Regarding Sun 6800/6900 Server Component Management

Hey There,

I'm putting this "lazy Sunday" post out to tie up all of our previous posts regarding dealing with board, power, and component management on Sun 6800/6900 Servers.

This post truly deserves the designation of a "lazy Sunday" post because it takes care of two things at once:

1. It lays down a roadmap of all of our previous posts on this topic, in order, in one easy to find location.
2. It allows me to enjoy my Sunday (insofar as that's possible, after working a weekend Friday/night/Saturday shift. We all have to sleep sometime, and I have a Sunday very-early-morning job still coming up ;)

Initially, take a look at our post on shutting down domains on 6800/6900 servers. It's important to read this one first, as the next two entries, although more specific, assume some of this information.

Then, follow up with our post on installing system boards on 6800/6900 servers.

Finally, hit yesterday's post on moving boards between domains on 6800/6900 servers and everything's wrapped up with a bow :)

Hope you're all enjoying a restful Sunday :)

, Mike