Sunday, January 27, 2008

Articles Up To Date On Linux Unix Local Hosting

Hey There,

I've finished re-tooling the last of my currently active articles on Linux, Unix, shell scripting, etc, and uploaded them to local storage.

As I mention, whenever I do this, I like to bring my articles in locally so they won't disappear when some editor somewhere finds a fault he/she neglected to harang me about earlier ;)

For today, I've posted both versions of an article on ways to beat certification tests :) There's not much more I can say about this. Even if you could write a shell script to automate the process, it might be quite a feat getting it to run on the PC's at the testing center. If you figure out how to do that discreetly, please email me. You'll get full credit for the idea, of course :)

Here they are - the two separate versions that may or may not be out there right now:

Beating Certification Tests - version 1

Beating Ceritification Tests - version 2

Hope you enjoy reading at least one of them and have a relaxing Sunday!

, Mike