Saturday, September 29, 2007

RSS Feed Re-worked

Just an FYI - I've found that it's pretty much way more time consuming to try and figure out how you're getting an RSS feed and real-time modifying it, so I wrote a little script to parse the results elsewhere first and then repost to the site.

The good news is the Website Hosting RSS Feed is now all, and only, Website Hosting Providers. No more "Top 10 Ways to Make Millions" ads - like I said, unfortunately, lots of folks post to feeds in the wrong categories on purpose and I don't want this site to promote get rich schemes.

I'm pretty much done working on the basic content/layout. Of course, I'd welcome any tips on a better title and a cleaner looking blog.

From now on, I'll be devoting my daily posts to responding to emails or comments regarding shell usage and scripting issues, etc. We'll be getting to what this blog is really all about. Ease of use, help and discussion related to Linux, Unix and shell programming

Take care :)

, Mike